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"Congratulations for all our students for securing 94% of result in the University exam Dec-2016."
                            INSPIRE, GUIDE, AND SUCCEED IN MEDICAL CAREER. 

SPOORTHI MEDICAL TUTORIAL established in 2010 for the first time in Medical history, is now in the heart of the city, Mangalore (India). SPOORTHI MEDICAL TUTORIAL was founded on one principle, one unshakeable belief that it must make available the best of coaching guidance to its students.

Medical education occupies a crucial position as it involves a close and deep study of human body and various physical, biochemical, social, psychological and behavioral aspects pertaining to health and health care provision by caring physicians.

Hence the productivity and well-being of the citizens lies in the hands of medical education providers to provide physicians who are an asset to the society.

Thus good medical education that transforms medical graduates to become a complete doctor is the need of the hour.

Here at SPOORTHI we provide a wide range of vocational guidance to the medical graduate which is time tested and pro student education institution for basic understanding of the concepts in medical and dental sciences and the frontiers of emerging advances in various fields of the medical world.

SPOORTHI MEDICAL TUTORIAL thus has become a designated centre for such medical educational development by refining medical knowledge giving the medical students an edge over the routine college education system.

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