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"Congratulations for all our students for securing 94% of result in the University exam Dec-2016."

Spoorthi Medical Tutorial was a big relief to unsuccessful medical students. It had its humble beginning with an intake of 1 student. Today we the team of Spoorthi “ Thank God” immensely for trusting us and believing in our potential towards a common goal. We consider him as the founder of our effort.

Today at Spoorthi Medical Tutorial we more than 100 “potential doctors” who have failed in their exams due to the lack of effort and understudied and neglect.

“Tutorial” the concept itself rings a bell that they are so called money minting institutions. They take the already brings students who have score in their field and coach them for higher scores. No one wants the left over’s as the “Failures”.

The name of “Spoorthi” itself suggests “to influence” the unable and unwanted. The people who have failed are brought under us, counseled, guided so that they get back on track and win back their confidence.
Today behind the success of Spoorthi Medical Tutorial there are many success stories of doctors who have raisin to great heights.

SMT was started in the year 2010.As said before a single student believed in us. Today we coach more than 100 students who had once taken ranks in the entrance exams across the country but somehow lost their way in reaching their goals.

We at “Spoorthi Medical Tutorial” have been in the process of developing RESULT ORIENTED approach to help slow learning students to progress in their studies since last 6 years.

Our approach has been validated with 90-95% success rate over the years. Our approach compliments college teaching with individualized training.

Today Spoorthi stands in the heart of the city in a well equipped 3 floored building. It is equipped with the state of the art, lecture halls, which have been carefully built. Well balanced acoustics, temperature regulated halls make it ideal for grasping minute details of the lectures delivered. Total capacity of lecture hall is 150.

Specimen, models, charts, A-V aids
within the legal limits prepared by well –known artists are utilized to make the students learn better.

Excellent faculty has been identified for delivering the goods. National and internationally recognized personalities/resource persons are invited to deliver special lectures.

A separate library which works 24*7 holds all the books suggested and required for the student and staff use.

In –house 24 hours canteen/cafeteria which boasts of homely/hygienic food has been catering to the needs of the students.

Separate hostels for boys and girls have been installed in a prime location which is ideal for their studies; responsible wardens are appointed to take care of the students.

Transport facilities have been provided for safe, easy and convenient commuting.

We understand medicine is not a subject which can be mugged but better understood if discussed.

So a separate discussion room has been arranged for the purpose.
Every corner of Spoorthi Medical Tutorial has been covered by CCTV live coverage to reduce the mishaps.

We at Spoorthi hope that we have many success stories to tell the world as we plan to deliver good by helping them in their Exit Exams(Which will be implemented shortly by MCI)and also shape Quality Doctors who will in future share the health burden of the country.

We stand by the “Make in India” concept; we stand united in the cause. 

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