Spoorthi Education Consultancy Services, Mangalore, India

  • Medical tutorial is with you to guide, coach, train and excel in exams of basic sciences of medical and dental courses.
  • Well experienced faculty, nation and state recognized resource persons.
  • Air-conditioned, ultra modern, multimedia classrooms.
  • Examination oriented teaching and training.
  • Classes for both regular and repeater students.
  • Effective revisions, tests, assessments and feedback through management.
  • No more scope of quitting the course due to back papers (MBBS, BDS).
  • Save time and keep up the merit.
  • Weekend and holiday related classes with regular evening teaching schedules
  • Ultra modern teaching aids with one to one student teacher guidance
  • ESSENTIAL for every medical student to excel in their career as a complete doctor for the society.
  • Short and sweet package of course with affordable fees.



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