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"Congratulations for all our students for securing 94% of result in the University exam Dec-2016."
                            INSPIRE, GUIDE, AND SUCCEED IN MEDICAL CAREER. 

In a country where the population of 1.25 billion resides and growing by around 18% every year where around a 63,535 doctors per year pass out as profession.

In India there are about 462 Medical Colleges, which are already heavily burdened with the mighty task of preparing good qualified doctor for the country.

The colleges find it difficult to find appropriate teachers, who can to train, the budding medical fraternity. In this time of crises, many students find it difficult to cope with studies.

Many students who fail in the exams are left behind; their future is bleak; lies in the hands of the already burdened teachers and the teaching system.

In these situations, lateral thinking was the need of the hour.
A coaching centre, “ A Medical Tutorial” where the left over students are brought under an umbrella, a common shield where they will be trained by a team of well educated , well trained and distinguished medical fraternity just to make them capable and confident enough, to do well in the examinations became a necessity.

“Spoorthi Medical Tutorial” is one such novel effort to help unsuccessful medical students reach success.

Established in the year 2010, this concept was first of its kind to evolve in the Medical History of India. This was started on one principle – “To make available the best coaching / Tutorial to the needy medical students”.

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